Friday, July 4, 2014

Triumph Thruxton Cafe Racer Aluminum Seat Cowl

Now available! Aluminum Thruxton seat cowl. Fits stock oem seat and are a replica shape of stock cowl fastening in the same manner. Much better form and accuracy than formed sheet metal.
If you have no plan on selling your Thruxton it might be a good investment. Not sure how long plastic cowls will last. Mine already has a crack. Also if you don't like the checks or stripe this is a good option as painting is expensive and a lot to invest on a plastic base.
 Also fits direct on a Scrambler seat giving some extra storage space. It has no more than 1/2" gap at top front and looks acceptable. See pictures with white piping.
 Converting Bonneville/Scrambler to a cafe style this is a good option. Polished to perfection.
I can also supply as just shell to which could be adapted for any any seat.

                                               Double click on any picture for larger size

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Triumph Legend TT, Thunderbird Sport Fender Eliminator

Fender Eliminator kit for Triumph Legend, Thunderbird,Thunderbird Sport.

Made this kit in a few different configurations. The stainless mudguard mates up to forward fender section giving underside of bike full protection.
 Kit is bolt on ready and fits perfect using existing holes secured with stainless hardware provided.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finned Exhaust Clamps Triumph Thruxton Bonneville

Ever thought there is something missing on your Triumph?

 Well ponder no more. 

That big empty space can be filled with some sleek Radial finned exhaust clamps.
 Made to the same unique design characteristic's Triumph produced from 1938 and kept remaining unaltered there on.


That's 334.5 square cm of cooling surface for the rest of the world.
 Wow! all those squared things dissipating heat keeping your engine, oil and you cool also preventing pipes blueing. That's a lot of surface packed in a compact little ring loaded with 22 fins.
 Too late for my pipes have already blued!
     So with no expense spared the Exhaust Clamps are put through a rigorous test and notes made on discoloration. 

 Clamps were installed on Bonneville with 531 miles.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Skeleton Quadrant Side Mount License Bracket

I have had the idea for so long and have finally got the finished part. It is a skeleton version of  my Quadrant Bracket (posted Aug 21 2010)
Quadrant Bracket is sharp lookin' and sprocket huggin'. Keeps 4x7"  license plate and light in real tight. The spur above allows a wide range of lamps to be fitted . Mounts either side and fully adjustable. Available for different axle sizes, drilled for lamps or blank.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lucas Tail Lamp Adapter Triumph Thruxton Bonneville Scrambler

Fitting a Lucas Tail Lamp on a Triumph Twin is not as easy as you would think. Installing it in the most desirable position offers challenges as the large hole the wires feed through is in exactly the same position as the screw holes that mount the housing.
 So you have to rethink and raise or lower the housing also avoiding the large depression in the fender that was made for the stock bubble lamp.
  Now you have found the perfect compromised make do location  three holes will need to be drilled. Then you will find the lamp sits at, err well.....  not quite the angle you had in mind.
 The hideous muffin top gasket you are expected to use hiding the poor fit will also be needed unfortunately.
                                 A lot of time and effort for a disappointing result.
  That is why I decided to make a handsome bolt on no drilling adapter plate that fits stock fender holes and keeps the lamp rubber mounted as Triumph originally designed.
 The lamp, housing, adapter plate, neoprene gasket is sold as a kit with all necessary stainless hardware.

 Lucas Tail Lamp History Lesson
    Housing in picture on left has a Lucas 525 lamp mounted. These were produced from 1953-55.
 The kit is supplied with the Lucas 564 lamp which was introduced in 1955. This lamp has the Reflex reflector molded into the lens. Both lamps fit the same housing and have clear lens underside to illuminate license plate.
 Once the stock lamp is removed the 3 steel ferrules that fit in the rubber grommets will need to be inserted with the flange on top side of fender.
 Lamp and adapter can be fitted with supplied neoprene gasket directly on fender and tightened with the 3 stainless screws, washers on the underside and original nuts.
  Fits perfect!

Kit is supplied with vibration/water proof sheathed wire connections. The ground wire of the harness will need to be spliced to connect to L/H and R/H blinkers,  and rear lamp.
To ground tail lamp use the ring terminal to connect to one of  the three screws securing adapter plate.

Harness wire color                Lamp wire Color
                         --Connects to--
Red  (running light)                Black
Blue  (brake)                         Red
Black  (ground)                     Screw securing adapter plate use ring
                                              terminal. left and right turn signal.
Orange                                  + Turn signal Left
Brown                                   + Turn signal Right
 Mounts in a high visible position. Bob your fender or leave it long.

                                    Lucas 564 with reflex reflector

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


To compliment the Fender Eliminator kit and Lucas Rear Lamp Adapter I am making turn signal relocation brackets.
 If you are wanting an un clustered sparse look these brackets will separate the light assembly.
 Cast in aluminum. They are a bolt-on part ready to go no drilling or hardware needed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Triumph Bonneville T100 Thruxton Fender Eliminator

Hey I've made myself a time machine and transported myself to the present day.  I was so impressed with the Hinckley Triumph twins on arrival I was inspired to make a Fender Eliminator. The sort that still has crafted style and lines but keen and lean. Something of equal quality to the motorcycle it will become part of. It was also designed to fit with no drilling. Something only the future could bring.

HARNESS                         CONNECTS TO
_________  ........................_____________
Red >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Black Rear Lamp Running
Blue>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Red  Brake Light
Black Ring Terminal>>>>> Stud Lamp Housing
Black Bullets>>>>>>>>>>> Negative/Ground Turn Signals
Orange>>>>>>>>>>>>>> + Turn Signal Left
Brown>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  +Turn Signal Right



Signal Cluster

 Also available in black with turn signal cluster.


Fender Eliminator kit available in satin brushed aluminum or durable black coated finish for Hinckley Triumph T100 Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxton. 
"BOLT ON" No drilling required. Kit includes bracket, Lucas type 525 lamp, stainless steel mudguard and all the stainless hardware needed to install. Cast aluminum bracket (not a 5 cent piece of bent up tin plate).
 Can be supplied with O.E.M connector and harness for rear lamp/turn signals making it a plug and play F.E.K.
 This is a high quality part that will ensure the standard of British Motorcycles.